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VADS Berhad

About VADS:

VADS Berhad (VADS) is one of Malaysia’s leading Managed ICT/BPO Service Provider. Having grown from a joint venture between IBM Global Network Services and Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) in 1991, today we are wholly owned subsidiary of TM; serving more than 500 medium to large businesses across industries.

Our main activities are Value Added Services, IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing. We bring together people, processes and technologies to enable more effective and dynamic use of information technology and communication. We empower businesses with value-based innovative solutions and services by offering our expertise in what we do best that allows you to focus on what you do best – your core business.


Telekom Malaysia Sales Centre (TMSC – Consumer & SME)

Client’s Needs

The Client was looking for a credible sales partner to sell more telecommunications products and services to Consumers & Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) via alternative channels to supplement its traditional sales distribution strategy and help meet its year-end sales targets.


VADS worked closely with the Client to work out a dynamic sales strategy and their engagement plan to profile, educate, sell and track sales performance. A highly skilled telemarketing team that understood the Client’s business needs was assembled. VADS managed to deploy the following strategic solutions:

1. Customised and in-house built CRM solution that automates processes and that improves the telemarketing team’s engagement with custom.

2. Developed a dynamic outbound sales model with the Get, Build & Grow strategy that focused on Sales Acquisition, Cross-Selling & Up-Selling.

One hundred percent of the sales calls were audited accordingly to the client’s quality criteria to ensure they were valid and compliant to their quality standards.


There was a 241% sales performance increase within the initial month of calling (compared against traditional face to face selling). To-date, the program had generated a Return on Investment (ROI) of:
  • 1:8 – i.e. for every RM1 invested by the client, VADS generated a return of RM8.

During the 2012 Contact Centre World Awards (APAC & World), the TMSC campaign won the following medals:

  • Best Outbound Campaign – GOLD (APAC, WORLD)
  • Best Sales Campaign – GOLD (APAC), SILVER (WORLD)

During the 2012 Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM) Awards, the TMSC campaign was awarded the GOLD medal for Best Outsourced Outbound Contact Centre (Above 100 Seats).

Client Quote

"Customer life-cycle management is key for TM, whereby we continuously seek to provide value to our customers, beyond the initial sign-up to our services. Telesales services provided by VADS is a primary channel for that purpose, allowing us to continuously reach out to our customers in providing value-added services beyond what was subscribed initially, based on the customer’s communications lifestyle. Professionalism, integrity and trust have been a cornerstone of this successful partnership arrangement between TM and VADS."

En Imri Mokhtar, Executive Vice President, TM Consumer