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About Sigmax-e Sigmax-e is a six sigma based company focused on offering comprehensive Performance Management solutions and services to its clients, globally. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, SigMax-e works with its clients to cut operational costs and enhance the quality of their processes. SigMax-e’s outsourcing services focus on Digital Media Processing, Finance & HR and setting up “Centers of Excellence”, comprising a customized mix of processes; while the facilitation and training services cover a broad range of service sector processes.
Project ACCept (not real name), is a prominent London-based provider of Book Keeping and Auditing services with over hundred SMEs as clients. ACCept was looking to offshore a part of its back-end processes to focus more on the customer. Sigmax-e was the partner of choice.
Client’s Needs ACCept experienced rapid growth. Having understood the market’s requirements and the cost-sensitive nature of some of its clients, ACCept decided to experiment with an off-shore operations strategy to reduce costs. In pursuit of this strategy, ACCept decided to transfer some parts of its back-office work to a suitable low-cost country. It planned to engage with the vendor to determine the most effective and economical process and IT Infrastructure that should be used for the purpose. After a careful comparison of its options, ACCept decided upon SigMax-e, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This decision was primarily driven by availability of UK-trained accountants, affordable costs, Kuala Lumpur’s developed infrastructure and SigMax-e’s commitment to continuous process improvement and six sigma
Solution ACCept selected SigMax-e as partner of choice for the outsourcing activity, based on demonstrated commitment to world class quality and proven capability of delivering to SLAs.

  • ACCept sent a trainer to train SigMax-e staff for one week.
  • The Sage accounting platform, used by ACCept in London is deployed at Sigmax-e.
  • Process established for scanning all documents in London and storing them on secure server.
  • SigMax-e logs in, accesses / downloads necessary documents
  • Captures data on the Sage System, based on UK Accounting standards, VAT guidelines, etc.
  • Creates a ‘back-up’ file and saves on server for ACCept to access and process further.
  • Outsourcing commenced with accounts of four companies.
Results The Results after 12 months:

  • Process works effectively and is stable
  • Trained employee at SigMax-e, successfully trains two other employees
  • Scope expanded to cover 40 companies
  • SLA implementation timelines tightened
  • ACCept expresses satisfaction with progress
  • ACCept agrees to expand scope further to include statutory accounts preparation, management statements preparation, and eventually the tax processing by SigMax-e
Client Quote “…We would like to out-source more of our processing work. We currently out-source the book keeping. We would like to further out-source statutory accounts preparation, management preparation, and eventually the tax processing.”
“R”, Partner