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About Kannal Group Kannal Group is a MSC status company that provides facilities, services and solutions for customers for the B2C and B2B segment. Our four main pillars of service provision includes Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO). Our facilities at Kelana Jaya and Bangsar South City are uniquely designed to accommodate companies of any size and combines flexible workspace options with state-of-the-art technology and services.


PDPA Compliance for a Major Luxury Automobile Brand.

Client’s Needs

With the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 coming into enforcement as of 1st January 2013, companies are executing the necessary protocols for PDPA compliance to their customers to ensure proper application of the act in their current customer engagement processes. One such need arose when a leading major luxury automobile brand in Malaysia approached Kannal Group to implement a strategy to reach out to their customers and receive consent by way of signature unto a specially prepared PDPA form. The client had already sent out 2 notifications by mail and also sent an ‘interest generating’ booklet but only received less than 1% response.


In approaching this project for the client, Kannal did some research into the client’s current customer engagement activities and found out that the client did not have a dedicated CRM team or a CRM system for this sort of work. No training was possible due to their focus on their core business and had no existing expertise to spearhead this request. We also identified that the previous message to the client wasn’t strong enough in emphasizing the compliance message and so customers either ignored the request or did not respond at all. As an immediate solution, Kannal recruited and trained a dedicated Customer Engagement Team with a Team Manager and Quality Assurance (QA) to ensure the right message was being communicated and each customer was engaged properly. A CRM system was implemented to track all calls and responses to and from the customers.

We identified the root cause of the issue was the database and the information listed in them, we tracked 24% of the data as redundant while another 6% had already sent their response forms directly to the sales person. We also introduced two other streams of communication via e-mail and fax. This increased the response rate from 1% to 44% in 30 days with 21% of follow-ups and 4% of them confirming their response. Overall successful customer contact was tracked at 76% of which 6% is listed as old data (contacts no longer are customers of the client). The remainder 24% is listed as ‘not reachable’ as of 15 June 2013.


The overall benefit to the client is that, they have successfully managed to update their databases with current genuine customer information through the data cleansing process implemented by Kannal. Among a database of 2446 customer contacts, 66 were identified as duplicates, while 144 contacts were identified as old data (contacts no longer are customers of the client). 1067 have been contacted by email, with 108 of them confirmed to respond with the consent forms. Kannal Group managed to over-achieve the desired response rate from 60% to 76%. This process if done internally would have cost the client both time and resources in implementing a CRM team dedicated to PDPA compliance only.

Client Quote

“With Kannal’s outbound call management expertise, the PDPA project is being executed professionally!”

– Julius Tan, Manager – Training and CRM